Esteban Machuca

About me

Esteban Machuca is a renowned Colombian producer, manager and artistic director with more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

He started at a very young age being a musical leader in his church for most of his childhood. At the age of 17, in 1997 he recorded his first album. During that year Esteban and Alex Campos started a group called "Alex Campos y Misión Vida", with which he began his career in Spanish Christian music.

This period in particular marked the beginning of his ascending career in the music industry as producer, musical director and bassist of Alex Campos and Misión Vida for 13 years (1997-2010), an experience that led him to tour hundreds of stages in the Americas, achieve multiple awards and recognition for copies sold, views on YouTube (more than 100 million) and positioning in the music charts.

Since then, he has specialized in developing artists and projects that have the essence of God's love and bring value to society.

Since 2014, he has been part of the Specialized Committee of the ARPA Awards, which are the most important awards in the Christian music industry in Spanish.

He is also manager and live producer of the renowned Christian singer, songwriter and producer Coalo Zamorano, a two-time Latin Grammy and ARPA award winner in his 25-year career. 

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